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What makes us unique?

One of the primary vital aspect of our products is that each of them have been formulated under the supervision of experienced nutritionists. All of our products are vegan, non GMO, no added sugar, preservatives or artificial flavoring and completely soy free. In case of any allergic or consumption restrictions we can customize the juices and smoothies in a way best suitable to the consumer’s requirements. In terms of customization, we also customize seasonal organic cold press juices that retain all natural nutritious properties of the fruits or vegetables. While our juices are made using the latest technology hydraulic cold press machines, our smoothie chakras which are infused with superfoods and nutritious ingredients can be made without the assistance of any machinery. We are a fully eco-friendly brand. Any waste produced from the juicery is transferred to a decomposer and is then subsequently supplied to local farmers, in turn enabling us to maintain a strict zero wastage policy from the processing to packaging cycle.


After crossing paths at an MBA program, Abirami and Subashree instantly bonded over their shared passion for a holistic approach to a healthier lifestyle. Soon deciding to turn this commonality in to a well-rounded reality ignited the idea of debuting “11:11 Vital Juicery”. The idea was to introduce a product that was wholesome but at the same time a product that would have a positive impact on people’s daily routine by making nutritious and healthy consumption more accessible. This also made it possible for the Juicery to include fruits and vegetables into the regular diet of the consumers, which is the need of the hour considering most people miss out on its major nutritional benefits given their busy lifestyle. With the mission to empower consumers to get more from life through healthy eating, the aim is to provide a high quality and nutritious product that has also been the priority of our start up from its get-go. Ergo, 11:11 Vital Juicery is more than just a business project, it is a focused effort to help consumers feel their best selves by taking care of their health needs while they’re occupied in their work or personal life. We’re the answer to everyone that struggles to stay healthy and a yummy one at that might we add! We couldn’t be happier bringing our intuition to life and taking you along with us on this journey would be an added bonus.

Subashree & Abirami


We believe in using nothing less than the best at 11:11 Vital Juicery.

All of our products are formulated under the supervision of expert nutritionists. Made with 100% raw produce, every single juice of ours is completely unpasteurized, preservative-free and made using high grade machinery. Contrary to popular belief that healthy foods aren’t delicious, our juices are both wholesome and delectable all at once. The smoothie chakras at our juciery are infused with superfoods and nutritious elements that can become a staple to your daily routine. The only extra ingredients we add are; extra love, extra care and a whole lot of commitment!


Our Nutritionists

Minacshi Pettukola

Nutritionist, food & menu consultant

Our Juice cleanses and nutritionally balanced eating plans have been curated by her to promote clean eating without restrictions.11:11 vital juicery,  juices are formulated in right ratios to include to our daily regimen.

Upasana Bijoor

Plant Based Nutritionist and a Holistic Health coach

She is deeply passionate about health and nutrition. Our menu has been carefully designed by her ensuring each ingredient works harmoniously in sync while maximizing the nutrient value to its full potential.